2018 Linda L. Ruffolo Dedication Award

Congratulations to the 2018 Dedication Award Honoree, Mary Ann Ziembo.

Mary Ann Ziembo

Mary Ann Ziembo

Mary Ann Ziembo grew up in Detroit along with two brothers. She and her husband, Mike, moved to Fort Wayne after he completed his military service in Germany. Their three sons-Mike, Steve, and Zack-and seven grandchildren all live and work in the Fort Wayne area.

Mary Ann started in banking as a teller with People's Trust Bank in 1976. Over her four decades in the Fort Wayne banking business she worked her way up to senior vice president of private banking at PNC, from which she recently retired. Along the way, she earned a bachelor's degree from IPFW in 1998. During her career she served as a board member for many non-profit organizations, assisting in the challenges of raising funds and money management. These organizations include Francine's Friends, Erin's House, Fort Wayne Philharmonic, Fort Wayne Museum of Art, Neighborhood Health Clinic, and the Fort Wayne Drug and Alcohol Consortium.

"My greatest accomplishments are my family, including my seven grandchildren, and my career," says Mary Ann. "Through my career, I have been fortunate to meet and work with some of the finest people in our community. My customers and associates have made me a better and wiser person. I cherish these lasting friendships and experiences."

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